5 Profound Questions to Ask the Interviewer

You know how you get that inkling that your interview is coming to an end when the obvious question is posed – “Do you have any questions for us?” Well, you best respond with a swift yes, and have some questions at the ready! 
This is not the time to relax, your interview is still very much in session, and you have been given another opportunity to shine. Remember, the interview is not simply for the company to select their best candidate, it is most certainly a two-way street, and this is your chance to see if the company is an ideal fit for you too. So, make the best use of it!
Now don’t ask questions just for the sake of it. While your questions help you assess the company and its work ethic, the questions you pose also reflect your level of intelligent and engagement. So, we have taken the liberty to list five creative questions that will help job seekers tick all the boxes. 
1. What kind of persona would best fit your team? 
A common fact is that employers seek candidates who are able to fit into the company culture in addition to possessing the necessary skills and qualifications. This question would help you get an insight into the organizational culture, and if it is indeed a good fit for you. After all, company culture is an important factor to consider when you’re choosing a job, and the best way to learn more about it is to of course ask. Although this question is not direct, you will be able to assess the culture accurately via the type of employee they are seeking. 
2. Do you have any special advice for the candidate who lands this role? 
This is an imperative question. Not only will it make you look good, but it will certainly come in handy if you actually get the job. Asking such a question shows the employer that you are determined, and have the ability to take initiative with a drive for success. 
3. Could you please enlighten me on how your company values reflect within the work domain? 
This question will definitely give you insight into the daily operations of the company, and what your potential employers consider to be successful outcomes. At the same time, you are showing the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the company, its values and day to day dealings. 
4. Is there anything you wish you had a better idea of, prior to joining this firm? 
This might give insight into the nitty gritty of the organization, its values, the management’s role and operations. Allowing you to make an informed decision if you are offered the job. 
5. How well do you think the company has supported you to meet your career goals
At the end of the day, getting a job is not simply to be stuck in one position forever. You are obviously looking for career progression. This question would help you understand if the company prioritizes and supports its employers to develop and grow within their respective fields and interests. Benefits such as employer-sponsored training programmes, and continuous professional development by the company, is a clear sign of a company with a great and supportive culture. 
By leveraging these unique interview questions to ask employers, you’ll be able to have a leg up on the competition. Be sure to incorporate the above interview questions throughout your conversation to ensure success!