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Sep 16th, 2020
Stressing over the umpteenth interview and wondering if you’ll finally land that job?! It’s all about making the best first impression! Your qualifications and experience have gotten you to the door, now is your chance to woo the interview panel, and get through it!  Here are a few tips to help you bring your A-game at your next interview:  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! - This should be your go-to mantra for any interview. Winging it is never worth it, as your answers will seriously suffer if you neglect to properly prepare. Make yourself a checklist to ensure you have... + continue reading
Sep 16th, 2020
As challenging as it is, education is the tool of your path to becoming a successful and productive individual. A/L’s plays a major role in helping you to determine the path you want to follow in future. The truth is, this is the perfect time to be dreaming about the future. It’s also the best time to decide your future and build your own path. So, how do you choose the right career that will actually set you up for a successful future? The quick exercises below will surely help to lead you in the right direction.   Create a List of Professions Every high school... + continue reading
Sep 16th, 2020
‘Working from home’ might be one of the most frequently heard terms in recent times. There are certain pros and cons of working from home faced by the employees. Yet, working remotely has its own major benefits in which people actually tend to enjoy their work.   1. Flexible work schedule Having a flexible work schedule is one of the main advantages of working from home. You are not stuck in a typical office environment anymore and you’re working around your own time, having breaks in between work whenever you want. You are basically free from the mental pressure you... + continue reading
Sep 16th, 2020
Job searching is a strenuous task for many and finding a job that you love is a challenge indeed. But few people achieve their dream job in life. Taking up a job you love is a multi- step process. It usually takes a fair amount of trial and error to learn what kind of job you want to do in life and to discover the work responsibilities that inspire you.   1. Start with a job you love. The best way to find a job you love is to do what you love. Your interests in life should be reflected through your work. Finding a career you like might take some time and it’ll involve some... + continue reading
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Mar 04th, 2020
How to make Better Career choices? It’s a nightmare to decide on one right career when you don’t have any idea what you want to do. This task can stress you out, but fortunately, it won’t. We have outlined the process of choosing the right career to make you stress-free and increase your chances of making a worthy decision. 6 STEPS TO PURSUE THE RIGHT CAREER 1.       Assess yourself To begin with, first assess yourself. Learn about your values, interests, skills, talent and dislikes and make a list of it. Then look-out for a few occupations... + continue reading
Mar 03rd, 2020
You’ve passed your first step and made your way towards the door of your dream job. Congratulations! Now it’s time to get ready for an effective and successful interview, Here are a few tips outlined below to help you excel in your interview. Top 12 tips to win the Job 1. Research the company- Having a key understanding of the company and its functionality will make you a step ahead and boost your confidence in the interview.Social Platforms, Web pages and press releases, etc are few platforms to research from. 2. Practice answer- Up the game by rehearsing the common interview... + continue reading
Mar 02nd, 2020
Why is a Tie important? When it comes to acquiring a new job, putting together a great resume is just the basic. The real battle is the interview. How you present yourself is half the battle. If you cannot professionally project yourself then even the beset resume can’t get you the job.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you want your dream job to be a reality then you need to step in it professionally. A tie has a strong impact on your complete attire and it also boosts up your confidence level. Wearing a tie can earn you respect, trust and it also... + continue reading
Mar 02nd, 2020
When it comes to applying for a new job, having a successful CV is the First step. If you don’t impress you’re the employer with your Curriculum Vitae then you wouldn’t even make it to the doorstep of your dream Job’s company. The key to creating a successful and powerful CV is to have all the necessary information in a proper structured form. Here, below is a list of tips to follow when creating a CV.   1. Having the Fundamentals right. There is no right or wrong CV, or just one winning format but there are certain must-put information that you cannot miss out. These include... + continue reading
Aug 02nd, 2019
Everyone knows what they want to be in the future from their small days. It can be a doctor, engineer, lawyer or even a pilot. If you put your mind in it, you can work towards your ambition. After your A/L examination is the high time to put those words into action to have the future you always wanted.    Choosing a course is one of the hardest and most important decision a student has to make. At this end of the examination, some may want to relax for some time and in this time you can research on what course would be perfect for you and others may already know what course they... + continue reading
Jul 30th, 2019
The Final countdown has begun for the students who are attending the Advanced Level Examination this year. If you have still not prepared, there is still a little time to prepare yourself to pass the examination. This is the time where students and even parents start to panic even if you feel you are prepared.   Exams are unavoidable in a student’s life, but if you have the correct tips to study and prepare to get through your exams. Students maybe referring to notes but nothing will remain in their head if their study technique is not effective. Every minute counts and here... + continue reading