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Jan 02nd, 2019
The results of 2018 G.C.E A/L exam has been released. Out of 321,469 students who sat for the exam this year 160,907 students qualified to receive a university education. Displayed below are the 12 A-listers who showed top performance.   BIOLOGY STREAM First Place- Kalani Samudra Rajapaksa from the Gampaha Rathnawali Balika Vidyalaya has ranked as the island first from the Advanced Level Examination. Second Place- Ravindu Shashika Ilangama from D.S. Senanayake college Colombo has ranked the second place from the Advanced Level Examination. Third Place- Muhamoud Rismi... + continue reading
Oct 18th, 2018
Most outstanding Sri Lankan business leaders were named winners of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 (APEA) held in Colombo. This is the fourth in this series of awards held in Colombo.   Dulith Herath, Founder Chairman of Kapruka.com - Retail Industry Mohamed Anverally, Chairman of Anverally and Sons (Pvt) Ltd - Food and Beverage Industry     Bhathiya Udumalagala, Managing Director of Bhathiya Group of Companies - Industrial... + continue reading
Oct 16th, 2018
World University Rankings 2019 by Times Higher Education includes more than 1,250 universities, making it the biggest international league table to date.   It is the only global university performance table to judge research-intensive universities across all of their core missions: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. We use 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons, trusted by students, academics, university leaders, industry and governments.   The calculation of the rankings for 2019... + continue reading
Oct 05th, 2018
Even before you walk in for an interview, you can assume that the recruiter has seen your face. There are pictures of you online — and we’re not just talking about the professional one on your LinkedIn profile.   The beauty of social media is that it allows us to connect with family members and friends. We can share countless funny stories and silly pictures, which our loved ones are sure to give a virtual thumbs-up. But what will employers think of them? Without an explanation, does some of your social media activity seem a little…unprofessional?   If you think the answer to... + continue reading
Oct 03rd, 2018
It is one of the most common interview questions, but everyone hates being asked, “What’s your biggest weakness?” during an interview. Showing your potential during an interview is hard enough. So how are you supposed to express yourself to employers when they want you to tell them what’s your weakness?   Thankfully, responding to this question is not as hard as you might think. Instead, you can actually utilize it to convey your potential if you respond strategically.   How to answer “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?” during an interview   Don’t lie or... + continue reading
Sep 25th, 2018
Looking for a career change? People seek new career ideas for lots of different reasons. Your career objectives may have changed, you may have found new interests to blend into your job, you may be looking for a higher income, or would like to have flexible work hours, just to name a few.   Before you make a career change, it is vital to take time and assess your current situation. You must evaluate the options and choose a career that will be more fulfilling and rewarding for you.   Review these steps before you make that career change.   1. Step Back for an empowered... + continue reading
Sep 21st, 2016
As a career coach, I help women change careers to focus on work they love as well as generate tremendous success and reward (financially, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise).  I also help professionals improve the careers they have, if they’ve decided through a thorough assessment of their situation they want to stay where they are.  On my website, I ask people to share with me their burning career questions that I may potentially address in my blog, and of all the questions I’ve ever received, this one below, or some form of it, is the most pressing and popular: “... + continue reading
Sep 09th, 2016
In the modern job market, the competition is remarkably high. School leavers, undergraduates and other job seekers are constantly on the search and they do possess the relevant qualifications too most of the time. However, there can be situations where the person is just right for the position but still they do not get hired. Ever wonder why? It could be a poorly prepared CV, unsuitable clothing or mainly, an inaccurate interview. Do you want to be that person who misses the best shots of getting the perfect job because of a silly mistake during the interview? I don’t think so! So let us... + continue reading
Sep 07th, 2016
A new batch of December graduates is getting ready to fly the coop in search for a job and we hope they've already heard the bad news: There are a lot of unemployed people out there. If the market far exceeds demand, how do you make sure you get past the resume screening process into the interviewing round? By making sure your resume is flawless. Somewhere between 95 to 99% of resumes have stuff that shouldn't be on there," Eli Amdur, senior coach and adviser from the Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group, told us. "The general rule is if you put anything on there that distracts the reader... + continue reading
Sep 06th, 2016
Do you crack under pressure? Crumble when you're stressed? If so, you'd be better off pursuing a career in science or education than you would in healthcare or law enforcement.   Using data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), a US Department of Labor database full of detailed information on jobs, we found the 29 professions you should avoid if you really don't like stress.   O*NET assigns a "stress tolerance" score (0-100) — which measures how frequently workers must accept criticism and deal effectively with high stress on the job — for each of the... + continue reading