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Jun 14th, 2021
When preparing for an interview, think of selecting your interview attire as the icing on the cake — that final detail that pulls all your efforts together.   Dressing to impress or power dressing is the usual go-to when it comes to dressing for an interview. Interviews, after all, afford you the opportunity to make a brilliant first impression. Thus, like when meeting anyone for the first time, looking your best becomes a priority.   But what exactly does looking your best mean within the business domain? Certainly not the usual chic get-up you would throw together... + continue reading
Jun 03rd, 2021
 Whether you are vying for a government job or one in the private sector in the industry of your choosing – Engineering, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, or even Education & Teaching. The process is the same, the great equalizer (well, in most cases anyway!)– we all have to sit through that interview and ace it!   I know we all automatically assume that as long as we answer all their questions thoughtfully and confidently, we would eventually hit the jackpot and land that job. However, have you ever stopped to think that you must also prepare for the... + continue reading
May 10th, 2021
You are almost done with school, and what next? People often find themselves enmeshed in that aimless, floating feel with absolutely no idea what they want to do with life. So, they end up picking an academic or career path that might please family or keep them close to home and friends – most often resulting in being stuck in a mind-numbing career of their nightmares.   Sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it?   That is precisely why career guidance is an absolute essential to ensure you get on the right track and make an informed decision before choosing your career path.... + continue reading
May 07th, 2021
G.C.E A/L is one of the most important hurdles for students in Sri Lanka. Many students depend on this exam to decide their future as it is the final challenge a student has to overcome to secure a place in a Government University. It is the same reason why A/L has become the most competitive exam in the country. So like every year, this year also we recently received the results of the students who sat for the exam in the year 2020. This time the usual timelines, practices and patterns were a little deviated due to the Covid-19 restrictions in the country. However, the govt. managed to... + continue reading
Apr 19th, 2021
We've all been there – had a smashing interview, and you know in your gut that you absolutely nailed it. Yet, radio silence from said company. Frustrating, isn't it?    Let us ease your mind and reassure you that most often, the issue is with the employer. You have already put in the work and worked out all the points in your control; now it's really up to the employer to get back to you. However, there may be a few things that you can perhaps avoid to ensure that you are never the issue and guarantee a call-back post-interview.    Here are a few... + continue reading
Mar 24th, 2021
Got that all-star game going on, but wondering why your LinkedIn profile is not picking up on that?!   In this Digi-savvy world, recruitments via social media are commonplace, with LinkedIn being one of the primary centres of successful recruitments. Thus, if you want to land that dream job or be recognized in your industry and make those right connections, ensuring you have a solid, all-star level LinkedIn profile is an absolute necessity.   Remember, networking sites such as LinkedIn create the opportunity to make a brilliant virtual impression, most often, your first... + continue reading
Mar 15th, 2021
Tired of dealing with toxic work environments, and wondering how you could have been so blind?  Your relationship with your workplace is similar to one with your partner. And a relationship gone awry, because they don’t care for your needs, is not fun at all. Find one that truly empowers you. In an era where women empowerment is all the rage, most organizations are also ensuring that their workplaces are in tune with the various offerings that are required to provide an agentive ambience, that is inclusive, and diversity accepting.  However, while employers can easily claim... + continue reading
Mar 04th, 2021
It is normal to feel anxious before going to an interview. You might feel butterflies in your stomach and think that everything you prepared for is erasing from your mind. But there are ways to avoid these feelings and perform well in an interview. In fact, feeling anxious can make you perform well if you learn how to harness it.  A job interview is a conversation between a job applicant and a representative of an employer. Its purpose is to assess whether the applicant can be hired or not. The interview is usually preceded by the evaluation of submitted resumes of interested candidates... + continue reading
Feb 24th, 2021
You know how you get that inkling that your interview is coming to an end when the obvious question is posed – “Do you have any questions for us?” Well, you best respond with a swift yes, and have some questions at the ready!  This is not the time to relax, your interview is still very much in session, and you have been given another opportunity to shine. Remember, the interview is not simply for the company to select their best candidate, it is most certainly a two-way street, and this is your chance to see if the company is an ideal fit for you too. So, make the best... + continue reading
Feb 11th, 2021
It is a known fact that if you want to gain ‘Golden Child’ status at home, you absolutely must be a good student at school. Being a good student comes in various forms, and is certainly a plus point, as it sets the base for success in the future. The best students are deep learners with an earnest passion for learning, and understand that they should be learning and taking away much more than what is necessary to just get by at school. Afterall, smarts and talent have always been the new cool.   Here are a few pointers on how to stay on top of your studies!  ... + continue reading