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Aug 02nd, 2019
Everyone knows what they want to be in the future from their small days. It can be a doctor, engineer, lawyer or even a pilot. If you put your mind in it, you can work towards your ambition. After your A/L examination is the high time to put those words into action to have the future you always wanted.    Choosing a course is one of the hardest and most important decision a student has to make. At this end of the examination, some may want to relax for some time and in this time you can research on what course would be perfect for you and others may already know what course they... + continue reading
Jul 30th, 2019
The Final countdown has begun for the students who are attending the Advanced Level Examination this year. If you have still not prepared, there is still a little time to prepare yourself to pass the examination. This is the time where students and even parents start to panic even if you feel you are prepared.   Exams are unavoidable in a student’s life, but if you have the correct tips to study and prepare to get through your exams. Students maybe referring to notes but nothing will remain in their head if their study technique is not effective. Every minute counts and here... + continue reading
Jun 21st, 2019
8 Best Job Advises for a Successful Career Life by Career Experts Finding a career after college is a hard decision to make, but the decision does not matter. It is all about surviving after stepping into your career life. You feel like you are stepping a step forward, but you need to realize that you can adjust it or change its course always. Do not be afraid to go ahead with whatever comes in your way challenges or risks, no decision is final nor bad. It will be always a lesson for your life ahead.   The first career advice will always be given by your parents and then... + continue reading
May 07th, 2019
"Mother" To the most beautiful and wonderful personality that brings colors to our lives   Mother, Mom and Maa are the words that anyone could understand in any language inducing love and warmth into our souls. Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday on the month of May. Moms all over the world are celebrated on this day in different traditions and custom ways.   The existence of the hardest working, unpopular figure and the emotional backbone of the family is the mother. Every mother deserves to celebrate a day especially for them for all the work they... + continue reading
Apr 29th, 2019
A perfect tie completes your dress code when facing an interview, it brings out the professionalism and elegance in you. James bond is known to be the man of a perfect tie. Give your interviewers, the best first impression by carrying your confidence and that you are here for business.   A half Windsor tie knot is considered to be one of the most versatile and popular tie knots in use since the 1950’s. It is a tie knot that is symmetrical, nice and fits perfectly for small or big collar shirts. A half Windsor is classier and suits both casual and formal wear, perfect for an... + continue reading
Apr 24th, 2019
The world was shooked on the 21st of April 2019 on an Easter Sunday with deadly blasts in several churches and famous hotels in Sri Lanka which has killed nearly around 359 people and leaving at least 500 injured. Sri Lanka had endured a war after almost 3 decades and it breaks everyone’s hearts to go through such events again as a united nation. Among the dead, dozens of foreign nationalities were identified along with the Catholic worshippers in a place where you never have to question your safety nor your faith especially on an Easter Sunday to pray for love and peace among the... + continue reading
Apr 08th, 2019
Over the past years, Sri Lanka has had a rapid development in the field of education, which clearly has affected the current job market due to heavy competition among highly qualified and educated employees.   To outshine yourself from the heavy competition in the job market, internships have been implemented by organizations for students after O/Ls or high school to practically experience their theoretical knowledge they gained in the past few years. Completing an internship offers one opportunities to adapt in the workforce and to build a career in the future allowing them... + continue reading
Mar 06th, 2019
Ministry of Education recently introduced vocational subjects for G.C.E. Advanced Levels under the '13 Years Certified Education' Program. The Education Minister has directed the Ministry of Education to implement the project in order to provide education for all children as some children under the current system do not have the opportunity to continue education beyond the Ordinary Levels. About 250,000 to 300,000 students sit for the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examinations every year but around 120,000 students lose the opportunity to follow studies beyond that. The new project... + continue reading
Jan 02nd, 2019
The results of 2018 G.C.E A/L exam has been released. Out of 321,469 students who sat for the exam this year 160,907 students qualified to receive a university education. Displayed below are the 12 A-listers who showed top performance.   BIOLOGY STREAM First Place- Kalani Samudra Rajapaksa from the Gampaha Rathnawali Balika Vidyalaya has ranked as the island first from the Advanced Level Examination. Second Place- Ravindu Shashika Ilangama from D.S. Senanayake college Colombo has ranked the second place from the Advanced Level Examination. Third Place- Muhamoud Rismi... + continue reading
Oct 18th, 2018
Most outstanding Sri Lankan business leaders were named winners of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 (APEA) held in Colombo. This is the fourth in this series of awards held in Colombo.   Dulith Herath, Founder Chairman of Kapruka.com - Retail Industry Mohamed Anverally, Chairman of Anverally and Sons (Pvt) Ltd - Food and Beverage Industry     Bhathiya Udumalagala, Managing Director of Bhathiya Group of Companies - Industrial... + continue reading