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Mar 04th, 2021
It is normal to feel anxious before going to an interview. You might feel butterflies in your stomach and think that everything you prepared for is erasing from your mind. But there are ways to avoid these feelings and perform well in an interview. In fact, feeling anxious can make you perform well if you learn how to harness it.  A job interview is a conversation between a job applicant and a representative of an employer. Its purpose is to assess whether the applicant can be hired or not. The interview is usually preceded by the evaluation of submitted resumes of interested candidates... + continue reading
Feb 24th, 2021
You know how you get that inkling that your interview is coming to an end when the obvious question is posed – “Do you have any questions for us?” Well, you best respond with a swift yes, and have some questions at the ready!  This is not the time to relax, your interview is still very much in session, and you have been given another opportunity to shine. Remember, the interview is not simply for the company to select their best candidate, it is most certainly a two-way street, and this is your chance to see if the company is an ideal fit for you too. So, make the best... + continue reading
Feb 11th, 2021
It is a known fact that if you want to gain ‘Golden Child’ status at home, you absolutely must be a good student at school. Being a good student comes in various forms, and is certainly a plus point, as it sets the base for success in the future. The best students are deep learners with an earnest passion for learning, and understand that they should be learning and taking away much more than what is necessary to just get by at school. Afterall, smarts and talent have always been the new cool.   Here are a few pointers on how to stay on top of your studies!  ... + continue reading
Feb 10th, 2021
The common denominator over the past ten years is the ubiquitous presence of new technology. Every year marked the beginning for new advancements and opportunities in technology, for developers and users alike. While the surge in technology rendered certain jobs redundant, it also created countless new professional avenues, that neatly fit into the frenzied and tech-dependent rhythm of today.    Here are 5 such lucrative and innovative jobs, that would have been astoundingly inconceivable ten years ago.    1. Podcast Host  With the ubiquity of smartphones, time... + continue reading
Jan 21st, 2021
Whether you are starting a new job or gunning for a promotion at your current one, we all know that we should be negotiating the salary. Let’s be honest, the renumeration package plays a huge role in keeping us motivated at work. So, the big question is, are you willing to negotiate to ensure you get what you deserve?   In most cases, people are afraid of negotiations, and rightly so, they are difficult conversations and could be rather scary and awkward. Money matters sometimes make people uncomfortable, however, not negotiating your salary could put you in an uneasy situation... + continue reading
Jan 15th, 2021
Amidst revelations of the new normal, the need for working from home surged last year. People found comfort in accessing work from their homes, in the hopes of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. Moreover, with the rapid evolution of tech and digital spheres in recent years, this switch from working within a physical corporate environment to a virtual one was relatively seamless in most industries. Although people have been working from home for various reasons in the past, be it that they are stay-at-home moms who desire to kickstart their careers whilst juggling their... + continue reading
Jan 11th, 2021
With the new year ringing in new hopes and dreams, all of us are sure to have made some promises to ourselves. The good old new years resolutions that we strive hard to keep. However, resolutions help us proclaim and welcome the new year with optimism. After a year of uncertainty, let us dedicate this year to practical, smart, and professional goals to further enhance our lives.   1. Manifest Your Goals Keep those positive vibes going, and manifest the career goals of your dreams! Maintain a journal or a personal blog to help put your objectives in perspective. Take a few... + continue reading
Jan 05th, 2021
Online learning has become the only reliable form of learning, due to the rise of the global Covid-19 pandemic. The use of online programs is not a new concept to most of the world, but it is relatively new to us Lankans as we were so used to and comfortable with traditional, in-class, in-person learning. Therefore, this sudden switch to online learning may create challenges & obstacles for many students depending on various reasons. So here we have listed 7 effective, simple tips to help you get adjusted to online learning.    1: Get comfortable   In school, most... + continue reading
Jan 05th, 2021
Telling a prospective employer why you want to leave your company can be a quite common situation most of the interviewees have to go through. The way you answer the question shows your attitude as well as respect you have towards your current employer and the organization you work with.    Best Answers to Impress Your Interviewer   - I have been working in this company for several years, so now I am looking for an opportunity to experience a new working environment that can help my career growth. I am ready for a change.    - When I went through the job... + continue reading
Jan 05th, 2021
Are you worried that nobody would give you a job because you do not have work experience? It is true that even entry-level jobs ask for one to two years of working experience, but did you know that it is not impossible to get a job without previous work experience sometimes. If you are still waiting to get your first job, here are some of the things you can do while waiting.   If you have been unable to get a job in the field you want to start your career, first, you need to stop worrying about it. Because sometimes somethings take time. So, what you need to do during the waiting... + continue reading