After GCE O/L Examination?

After day and night study sessions, early morning coffees and all that tuition classes, it is time to congratulate the students who have successfully passed this examination and to enjoy some free time but through process it is important that students make decisions on what they are going to do after.
So we would like to ask these question from you: What is your next step after O/Levels? Are you thinking of another 2 to 3 years of A/Level school education? Or are you still looking at options after O/Levels. In a highly competitive world A/Level alone will not guarantee success. Hence decided to come up with some tips for you to follow after O/Level.  
Did you know? The top 10 individual performers  and the top 25 best performing schools of GCE O/Level examination 2016. 
These are few options that you could do after O/Level’s; 

Following Up the Traditional A/Level School Education
A/levels is a much complicated examination than O/Levels even though it has only 3 main subject per stream. So it is important that you select and settle with a stream that you are going to study. Note that some school requires you to achieve a certain grade to follow particular streams and some schools do allow you to follow the streams even though you lack the required grade by re-doing the particular subject. The streams are as follows:

Science Stream
Science stream consists of Biological science or Physical Science. In Biological Science stream you have to follow Biology, Chemistry and Physics (or Agriculture). Physical science stream includes Physics, Chemistry and Combined Mathematics.

Commerce Stream
The Popular three subjects of this stream is;

  • Accounting
  • Business studies
  • Economics 

Or you could follow these Commerce stream subjects as well;

  • Business Statistics
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • History (History with History of Indian or European or World history)
  • The logic and the scientific method
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Combined Mathematics
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Arts Stream
The art stream students has a variety of subject for them to choose from, which are;

  • Sinhala
  • Logic
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Buddhist Civilization
  • English Literature
  • Japanese
  • History
  • Drama

Technology Stream
Only few schools facilitate students to follow the technology stream since this stream was introduced recently. The following are the list of schools offer Technology stream.
1. Science for Technology
2. Engineering Technology or Bio-system technology
3. Select the third subject from 10 subjects including English, Information Technology, Economics, Geography, Commerce, Accounting, and Arts etc.

Follow higher education without doing A/L
Did you know that, you can start a Degree program right after O/L's? This is a good way to enter the industry with a degree at a very young age. This method could be a difficult choice for many traditional families and students, since many parents wants their children to follow the steps that has been there for many years, hence it is understandable, since you won’t be getting your youthful life again but if you want to jump a step ahead of other students then this could be the perfect opportunity. 
So this is how you could follow this method;
You can start university education shortly after O/Levels by following programs at some private universities, or even enter into Open University or External degree programs such as BIT  (BSc degree in Information Technology). Note that to follow this option, you need to first follow some foundation courses and examinations before going on to register for University degree (Local or Foreign). 
You can also do  NIBM Degree after O/L – If you have passed O/L with five credits including a Credit pass for English, then you can follow Pre-degree Foundation Course at NIBM. After completing this course, you can follow BSc (Hons) in Management or BSc (Hons) in Human Resources Management (HRM).
If you are a student who is interested in following a professional educational course, it is possible if you have completed your G.C.E O/Level examination successfully. This means that you are eligible to register for professional accounting, management and IT courses such as AAT or ACCA. You can either do these courses while doing A/L or you can select them as a starting point to a future career.
There are many other private institutes which offers many foundation courses and degree programs after O/Levels; Check for institutes which offers this facyility.
If you are not eligible to follow any of these programs because you have failed the G.C.E O/levels then don’t worry! You too can have an excellent future by following these steps!