Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS)

Since its inception, ICBS has established itself as a leading Business School in Sri Lanka. ICBS’ history dates back to 1985 when it was known as CBS, which was a pioneer in CIMA education in Sri Lanka, giving them an edge of being one of the oldest business schools in Sri Lanka.

After A/L Courses in Sri Lanka - Professional Qualifications

With the end of GCE A/L examinations 2017 many school leavers will face the question, what to do next? While some students might consider waiting until the A/L results are released or start revisions depending whether they’ll retake A/L’s or not, the rest of you would think of using the time to gain some extra knowledge or qualification.
The following list consist of the professional qualifications you can obtain while awaiting GCE A/L results.
CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting


After GCE O/L Examination?

After day and night study sessions, early morning coffees and all that tuition classes, it is time to congratulate the students who have successfully passed this examination and to enjoy some free time but through process it is important that students make decisions on what they are going to do after.

Schools which offer A/L Technological Stream

Here's the list of all the schools that provides the new technological A/L stream which was introduced recently. This is another perfect opportunity for students to choice a field which they believe that they can succeed.


After O/L Courses in Sri Lanka

After O/L Courses in Sri Lanka
Institute Courses




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