How to become a decent student in Sri Lanka

It is a known fact that if you want to gain ‘Golden Child’ status at home, you absolutely must be a good student at school. Being a good student comes in various forms, and is certainly a plus point, as it sets the base for success in the future. The best students are deep learners with an earnest passion for learning, and understand that they should be learning and taking away much more than what is necessary to just get by at school. Afterall, smarts and talent have always been the new cool.
Here are a few pointers on how to stay on top of your studies!
Participate in Class
Participation begins with showing up for class. Attendance is necessary to absorb the material and stay up to date on current assignments. Once arriving to class on time, you should stay engaged and involved, which is easier when you come to class prepared. Revising habits can be helpful in encouraging participation. For example, something as simple as changing where to sit in class can have an impact. It is certainly recommended to sit in the front row to show enthusiasm and interest and to also avoid distractions. The key is to ask questions, clarify your doubts right away, and you’ll have a clear idea of the lesson from the get-go. Never be afraid to speak up.
There’s no easy way around it. Actively study, you must! A good student makes studying outside of class, either at home or in study hall, a top priority. Some of you might find it helpful to study at certain times or in a specific place that's distraction-free. While others may find it beneficial to study in groups. For those visually oriented learners, visual aids such as flashcards, illustrations, charts, graphs and even interactive video lessons can help retain information.
Stay Healthy
Maintaining a balanced diet, eating on time and getting plenty of sleep and exercise to stay healthy and focused, is paramount. A good tip is to consider walking to class or joining a gym. It is always recommended that students avoid junk food and sleepless nights if they want to stay focused and in top form for learning.
Do the Extras
In order for you to truly excel, it’s important to pay attention to details and take advantage of opportunities that others overlook. For instance, turning in work that is neat, legible and formatted according to the teacher's instructions, working on additional project work for extra credit when opportunities arise. This also includes other extracurriculars, joining in sports and other clubs and societies of varying interest can help sharpen one’s talents, develop soft skills and build character while making the learning process more fulfilling.
All in all, remember, the main goal is to enjoy learning while working hard to maintain a decent grade on all your subjects. Remember to sharpen your soft skills while gaining knowledge and you will witness your meteoric rise at school and home!